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WMS21 In 2004 the Cold Move installed Transware's WMS21 Warehouse Management System to replace the Transtore WMS system which was the predecessor of the current WMS21 system. The WMS uses both GS1-128 bar code standards with real-time RF wireless radio data terminals. It uses EANCOM EDI communications alongside other standardised file transmissions for orders and stock status reporting. This system is now owned by Cold Move Ltd and developed by our "in house" IT team.
Frontline Frontline-Consultancy provides expert advise and support to the already existing IT department regarding system upgrades as well as the general running of the current infrastructure to enable Cold Move to offer full 24hr, 7 days a week operational capabilities.
TecMan Tecman provide support for the Microsoft Dynamics Nav software used within Cold Move. They are also available for support of our infrastructure should we need to call on them.